Photographer: fran Antmann

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Featured Photographer of the Month: May 2014

Exhibit Title: Maya Healers: A Thousand Dreams

Location: Guatemala

Caption: Lidia Gonzalez, Maya healer, on the shores of Lake Atitán.

At Lidia’s birth, the midwife neglected to tell her mother that her child was born with the divine gift, to be both a healer and a midwife. So it all came to Lidia only in her dreams.

“The priests think we practice witchcraft. They say it’s a sin to pray to Nature. Yet when the pastor’s son was sick for more than five days, it was to me that his mother brought him. With the right mixture of plants that I know so well, I was able to cure his asthma.”

Where to find the medicinal plants, how to recognize them, when to cut them down, and how to use them—all were revealed through dreams.

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