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Abondaned Soviet Time Gas Stations

Jan Zychlinski | Armenia


If you go back into soviet times you have to imagine that more or less everything was like uniformed. There were some exceptions in big architecture , but also in some small things.  Every region, sometimes every village had  very individual and artificial. Only the description (and the photos) about this phenomenon. If you go deeper in the soviet ideology you can find a coincidence with the idea of public transport for all!
But in the case of the Gas Station it’s completely the other way round. They are a sign of individualization and consumption for only few people.
And when I saw all these relicts from this soviet time I realized, that they are also signs of a contradictionary system. And that they still exist fits to my approach to take a documentary about the refuges from the post soviet conflicts. Both of them have the same history as abandoned, neglected and forgotten – but still there and with a strong connection to the past.

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