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Mighty Jambo Circus

Jennifer Huxta | Kenya

Mighty Jambo Circus Academy trainees stretch in the pre-dawn shadows along the Southern Bypass Highway that links the airport to central Nairobi.

Mighty Jambo Circus Academy in Githurai is a professional acrobatic training program for teens and youth from Nairobi’s slums. For 2 years, room and board is provided; from 5:30 to 18:30, they practice handstands, juggle, and perform acrobatic acts on the trapeze, unicycle and tight rope. Via Mighty Jambo’s outreach program, the students teach workshops with kids in Githurai and perform at local schools. Githurai is a busy residential and market area 12km from central Nairobi, yet half of the population (of about 320,000) lives below the poverty line. Residents face problems such as a lack of adequate housing, water shortages, sanitation and waste removal issues. Many families cannot afford to pay school fees for their children. Mighty Jambo provides an alternative space for kids and youth to engage in art and sports and learn a lucrative trade.

This project is part of a longer series exploring the role of sports and art as part of re-education for those who have experienced trauma, via violent conflict or daily grinding poverty.

Jennifer Huxta

2036 Aster Road

Macungie, PA 18062


+254 707 112 265 (Kenya)

+1 267 371 0569 (USA)

+33 6 36 25 11 87 (France)

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