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PARKLAND+5DAYS-People's Rally Against Gun Violence/Drain the NRA-LosAngeles

Rusty Leffel | California, United States

Killing is Not a Hobby

America is angry about gun violence. 

Just five days after seventeen students and staff were mass murdered in Parkland, Florida, over 500+ people gathered on President's Day 2/19/2018 at Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles for a "People's Rally Against Gun Violence". 

Rally organizers were Drain the NRA and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, joining with Everytown Survivor Network (Everytown for Gun Safety) to show support for the families of the victims and survivors of the Valentine's Day 2/14/2018 mass school shooting at Parkland's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Children and adults, parents and grandparents expressing their passion and purpose, carrying their so many signs, rallied to demand action for policy and gun control change now - no more "thoughts and prayers" with what they explain as "Congress has done nothing but take money from the NRA". 

"No more fear.  Not one more child. Change the laws or change Congress."

"Enough is Enough".  


The Parkland mass school shooting may have finally been a turning point because of the activism response of the student survivors at Parkland calling on America to change in now a national campaign of "March for Our Lives".

As parents and grandparents we have failed to stop the violence, so it's our kids and grandkids who are stepping up to do what has to be done,

Protect Kids  -- - - - Not Guns. 

1. Drain the NRA event posting "details" in Facebook Events for 2/19/2018

2.  Los Angeles Daily News, Elizabeth Chou; 2/19/2018 "Gun-control advocates at LA rally say 'enough is enough' in wake of Florida school shooting". www.dailynews.com

3.  New York Times, Michael D. Shear and Sheryl Gay Stolberg; 3/13/2018; "Trump Retreats From Promises on Gun Control - Conceding to the N.R.A.".     "....But on Monday, it was the president who seemed to knuckle under, again dramatizing the sway that the N.R.A. still maintains in Republican circles...."

4.  March for Our Lives.  www.marchforourlives.com and multiple facebook pages from participating local groups joining.

Rusty Leffel

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