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Down the Middle- Tulsa, Oklahoma. June 2020. A “peacekeeper” stands between a group of BLM activists and Trump supporters outside of the BOK Center in June 2020.

Dominick Williams

United States


My name is Dominick but most people call me Dom within minutes of meeting me.

I currently live in the Kansas City Metro area.

Everyone has their story. Mine is one of discovery. Knowing I was different at a very young age because my thirst for knowledge allowed the room for my mind to roam free. Having genuine empathy for my subjects and putting myself in their shoes, coupled with being obsessed with the way light plays in the shadows, form a seriously magical cocktail of sorts. I seek the understanding of a person. Everything I can know through a shared moment in time.

Taking photos is more than something I do, it’s how I live and breathe.

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