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Domestic violence

AnaStasia Rudenko | Russian Federation

Andrеy poses with Tatiana. Andrеy often beats Tatiana but she does not want to leave him. When I asked: "Why do you live with him?" She answered, "Because I love him". All the women suffering from domestic violence said the same. In Russia, there is an old saying, "If your husband beats you, then he loves you."

On hearing the word ‘violence’ people expect to see smashed faces. But domestic violence is not only physical one but for example economic and psychological. Most women in the world are financially dependent on their husbands, and therefore scared to leave them. Talking about domestic violence doesn’t mean only a husband can represent a villain. Children or parents, or other relatives can be that as well. In some cases the biggest villain is represented by the state. So, Domestic violence (in middle form) is typical lifestyle for russian mentality. But this "Middle form" leads to serious consequences.

I can’t say for sure when it has started. I think it started when I wasn’t even born. The earliest memory that imbedded in my mind is Birthday party of my mother’s friend which attended all our family. The near next memory: my mom and me were running out from my dad through all town trying to hide ourselves in some rear entrance. I was 4 years old. All years after that the relationships between my mom and dad was demonstration off all kinds of violence. It have been lasted until my mother died last year suffering from serious illness as a result of violence for all these years. Now while proceeding my personal project I try to find out such problems in other families and to form some kind of a generalized character for the family relationships problem.




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