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Tartan Parade

Lisa DuBois | New York, United States

Organization: Enfoco

A young bagpipe player preparing for the Tartan parade.

The Tartan Parade returned to New York City following a two-year period during which all gatherings were prohibited due to the highly contagious COVID-19 virus. In today's world, these celebrations are vital because of the negative effects isolation had on everyone around the world during the global lock down.

In 2005, the United States House of Representatives passed House Resolution 41 establishing April 6th as "National Tartan Day" to "honor Scottish Americans" major accomplishments in North America and to celebrate the day on which Scotland became an independent country on April 6, 1320.

The United States is home to an estimated eight million people of Scottish ancestry compared to the five million in Scotland who identify as Scot. New York is home to approximately 40,000 people of Scottish decent.

New Yorkers appreciate one another's uniqueness and take pride in commemorating descendants of immigrants who, despite overwhelming odds, contributed to the development of a new culture in a fast-paced, growing city. 

The New York Tartan parade is colorfuland musical. The celtic sound of  bagpipes can be heard echoeing throughout the streets  



This is an ongoing project on New York parades.

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