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New York's First Asian Parade

Lisa DuBois | New York, United States

First Asian parade in New York City .
careful preparation is needed for every detail to be perfect.

First Asian Parade in New York City 

Those working behind the scenes to make the first Asian day parade a reality breathed a sigh of relief when the formal announcement came from the office of Mayor Eric Adams only four days before the inaugural Asian day was celebrated on May 15, 2022.

The Asian parade is hosted in New York City during Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month and joins the expanding number of parades held in the city where one-third of the population City was born outside of the United States.

The culturally diversified population of New York City speaks over 600 languages, according to the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA), a non-profit organization that protects endangered languages. The ELA created an informative interactive map that identifies the many locations where 637 distinct languages and dialects are spoken. Hate crimes against Asians have risen as a result of misinformed conspiracy theories about the pandemic, and parades provide an excellent opportunity to show support for New York City's Asian-American population.

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