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Holy wedding

Mehdi Ghanavati | Iran

Children go to their neighbors' homes on the first day of the holy wedding ceremony and before dawn. They give their children their vows, which includes walnuts, wheat and sweets.Villagers say Claruccino Traditional religion.

According to a thousand years old Iranian western Kurdish tradition in Uramat Takht village, they will hold a ceremony in the forty fifth day of winter. That they call it holy wedding or Pirshaliar. It is a people gathering institution. Each of the tribes of Uramat holds part of ceremony. Ceremony included gathering greetings by kids, slaughter animals, playing Daf, some kind of dance, eating Ash, evening party, read poetry and prayer.

The ceremony is held along the Pirshaliar river. Which has remained in its initial shape since a thousand years ago. Pirshaliar has been Abdol Gader Gilani’s disciple. His tomb is at the end of the village. Villagers know that he has many human dignity and miracles and among them they have great respect.

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