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Pandemic in Focus

Love Letter in the Time of Coronavirus

Silvia Dona | Thailand

Wall shadow stories by L.
"He is exactly the poem I wanted to write." (Mary Oliver)

We are trapped at home; a situation shared the world over. My working husband, two active young boys, a lively Jack Russell and me, mother-cum-observer of both the mundane and remarkable alike. Days eerily steal away, lost in the repeat and the repeat and the repeat of it all.

I lose grip of time as each day noisily rattles into the other. Everything beyond these walls seems shattered, lost, unfathomable. I need something to slow me, to slow us, down...a primal need to feel grounded.

I have veered towards introspection, meditation, poetry and contemplated the philosophies of life, hope despair and love. Anything to keep me afloat. Anything to meld the fragments of brokenness.

Images and words come together. I am weaving a storyline. A visual diary of life as it unfolds in our household. But more importantly I am bringing forth a gift for my boys, a future retrospective. A love letter from a mother to her sons, in the time of coronavirus. 


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