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A fearless fight for freedom and democracy

Blas Santander | Caracas, Venezuela

Demonstrator throws tear gas back at police during protests against Venezuelan President Nicolas Madura after he dissolved the National Assembly on March 30. April 6. April 6, 2017

The Venezuelan Supreme Court violated the nation’s constitution on March 30 by dissolving the National Assembly's legislative powers -- in other words, a coup d'etat. The government controlled CNE (National Electoral Council) is denying the people their right to vote and President Nicolas Maduros’ cabinet is unwilling and uable to solve the nation’s economic and social crisis.

In response, Venezuelans have taken the streets, calling President Maduro a dictator and demanding general elections immediately and attempting to march to the People’s Defender (Ombudsman) to demand action against the Supreme Court coup d'etat. All attempts to march were countered by the police using tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters.

Clashes between protesters and police have been escalating every day since opposition leaders have called for demonstrations, resulting in injuries, arrests, and the tragic death of Venezuelans. In some cases, protesters have been jumping into the Rio Guaire (a sewage river) to escape from excessive use of tear gas and violence.

Blas Santander
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