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City of chaos, Aleppo, Syria

Yusuke Suzuki | Syria

A destroyed street is seen in Salaheddine district, where the fighting between the Syrian army and the Free Syrian Army erupted first in Aleppo, Syria. Almost all of infrastructures in the town of Aleppo have been destroyed. The historic town known as the world heritage sight which has one of the richest history in the world has been torn.

I headed to Aleppo which is Syria's second largest city in 2013. There is no water, electricity, foods, medicines, gas, jobs, schools. They’ve lost everything. Those who used to be normal citizens of Aleppo take guns and join the Free Syrian Army. They had waited for the victory for the past two years, fighting hard and putting their daily lives in very difficult conditions, but the situation has never changed. They feel like they are forgotten and isolated from the international community. People seemed to be pessimistic and they no longer can stand the condition of their daily life. On the other hand, the rebels looked like they are optimistic and believe that they will eventually win. But none of them is sure what is going to happen after they defeat the Assad regime. They say “We really don’t have enough time or room to think about after Bashar. We only have time to think how we can win the battle. That’s it.” Syria has plunged into the chaos of war.


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