Whats Going on Here: Michelle Bogre, Fall 2022

What's Going on Here? The Week in Photos
A Lecture and Discussion Class


"Michelle is a teacher with so much experience with her subject and with teaching.  While each of our sessions was jam-packed with information and photographs related to a specific theme of social documentary photography, Michelle presented with patience and clarity.  During class discussion, she created a space for students to speak and listen to her and each other's responses."
         —Student in fall 2021 SDN Education program

Instructor: Michelle Bogre
7:30 – 9:00 pm Eastern via Zoom
Eight Mondays beginning September 19

Course fee: $475

Photo by Glenn Ruga
Photo © Glenn Ruga. Istanbul, 1976


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Each week photojournalists and documentary photographers take tens of thousands of photographs of events erupting around the world. The images we see frame major social and cultural issues, but each week only a few of those images taken are featured in varied international media outlets, both print and online. This class will explore why we see what we see, what we learn from what we see, and more importantly, often, what we don’t see and why. We will examine in detail key images from the week’s news or current events published in various online and print media. We will critically examine the clues embedded in those photographs that push us to read them a certain way, and even how those clues manipulate us. We will also examine photographs from the point of view of who is telling whose story and the underlying issues of gaze, representation and ethics. 


Michelle Bogre

Michelle BogreMichelle Bogre, the former Chair of the Photography Department at Parsons School of Design in New York, currently holds the title of Professor Emerita title from Parsons after a 25-year career teaching almost every type of photography class and a special class she developed on copyright law for artists and designers. She is also a copyright lawyer, documentary photographer and author of four books: Photography As Activism: Images for Social Change, Photography 4.0: A Teaching Guide for the 21st Century, Documentary Photography Reconsidered: History, Theory and Practice, and her most recent, The Routledge Companion to Copyright and Creativity in the 21st Century. She regularly lectures and writes  about copyright and photography. Her photographs and/or writings have been published in books, including the Time-Life Annual Photography series, The Family of Women, Beauty Bound, The Design Dictionary (Birkhauser Press, 2008) and photographer Trey Ratcliffe’s monograph, Light Falls like Bits. She is currently trying to finish a long term documentary project on family farms, published on Instagram as @thefarmstories, and a revision of Photography As Activism.

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