Risky Pictures Returns. Ferrato, Spring 2023

Risky Pictures Returns

Instructor: Donna Ferrato
6:30–9:00 pm Eastern 
Eight Thursdays Beginning March 9
Location: In-person in Manhattan
Course type: Shooting, critique, and discussion
Level: Intermediate and above

Course fee: $900  (includes tuition and studio fee.) 

Photo by Donna Ferrato
Eva on Leonard Steet, Trebeca, 2006. Photo © Donna Ferrato

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Class Description

Donna Ferrato is one of the leading documentary and editorial photographers working in the United States today and her photo of domestic violence was selected by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential photographs of all time.

Be prepared to take risks in this class. You will learn to make real stories of real people. Donna will challenge your perceptions because as she is fond of saying, “it is not safe to be behind the camera.”

Class will start with sitting around Donna’s studio talking about photos—yours and others. Later in the class Donna will lead you through the streets of New York taking photos at night and in dark places. Students are encouraged to continue photographing on their own between classes and bring work in the following week to discuss. As Donna explains,  “The last four classes we go gonzo in the streets, where it's beyond dark. I'll take you places where you can keep going as long as you wish.” BYO refreshments.

Read interview with Donna Ferrato by Michelle Bogre in current issue of ZEKE magazine.


Donna Ferrato

Donna FerratoDonna Ferrato, an internationally acclaimed and award-winning photojournalist, is known for her groundbreaking documentation of the hidden world of domestic violence, an issue she spent years photographing.  In her seminal book Living With the Enemy (Aperture, 1991) which, alongside worldwide exhibitions and lectures, sparked an international discussion on sexual violence and women’s rights.  A longtime activist, in 2014  Ferrato launched the I Am Unbeatable campaign to expose, document, and prevent domestic violence against women and children through real stories of real people. In 2015, Ferrato co-founded the Erotic Eye Workshop to engage all the participants’ senses and to be open to sexuality in all of its sublime manifestations. In her new award-winning book, Holy, published in 2020 by powerHouse Books, Ferrato repurposes her images, that combined with handwritten text, proclaim the sacredness of women’s rights and their power to be masters of their own destiny. For more information, see www.donnaferrato.com. Photo of Donna by Elyse Blennerhassett

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