ZEKE Magazine
The America Issue
Deadline for submissions: July 11, 2022
Entry fee: $25 
For eight years, ZEKE magazine has been publishing stories about the global human condition, but rarely has that involved the United States. Clearly the U.S. is part of the global community and we need to look at ourselves as much as we critically look at other parts of the world.
The Fall 2022 issue of ZEKE will focus on “America.” We accept that this term may immediately cause residents of other countries in North, South, or Central America to question why we are using this term for only the United States. Our answer to our neighbors is that culturally, the term “America” has tremendous currency such as seen with the many “American” Studies departments at universities and so many other uses of “America” when meaning the United States. From a documentary photography perspective, there are few bodies of work that have had greater impact than Robert Frank’s The Americans, published first in 1958 in France and the following year in the U.S.
The Americans was a searing critique of post-war United States—a nation trying to find itself and doing so clumsily. A nation just coming out of Jim Crow but not quite into the cultural revolution of the 1960s;  the catapulting of New York as the cultural capital of the world but marching into a senseless and genocidal war in Vietnam. A nation that put a person (a man) on the moon but would still deny civil rights in much of this country.
We want to see exhibits by documentary photographers that capture the pulse of America today. One issue of ZEKE can hardly do this justice, but we will try.