SDN's 10th Anniversary Exhibition and Call for Entries


This year SDN turns ten! To celebrate you and the 2,000 other photographers who have made this possible, we are planning an exhibition of SDN members’ work at our 10th Anniversary Party on Saturday, October 27 at the Bronx Documentary Center. (Click here for more information about all of our 10th Anniversary Events.)

As a member of the SDN community, you are invited to enter your work for a gallery exhibition that we will have on display during the anniversary party.

We will review the entries and select 100 images to feature in this exhibit. We will make a 12 x 18 inch print of each selected work accompanied by the name of the photographer. An additional selection of images will also be projected on a large screen during the party. If you attend the event, you can pick up your print at the end of the evening.

There is a $10 fee to submit your work to this exhibition. If you have entered any previous SDN Call for Entries, the process is the same. You can enter a new exhibit to this Call for Entries or you can convert any existing live or expired exhibit you have on SDN as an entry. If your exhibit is expired, the $10 fee will make it be live for one year regardless of the number of images. Since we are celebrating a 10-year retrospective, you are encouraged to submit older work you have had on the SDN website. You may enter as many exhibits as you want.

Deadline for Entries: September 28, 2018
Winners will be notified: October 9, 2018
Entry Fee: $10
(Scholarships available. See below for details.) 

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How to Enter a New Exhibit

Create and submit an exhibit of your work on the SDN website. When submitting, you will have a choice for a standard exhibit or competition entry. Choose competition entry. The remainder of the process will be identical to creating a standard exhibit, but your work will be entered to the Call for Entries. Click here for details on how to submit your work to SDN.

Converting Existing Exhibits to Call for Entries Submission

Existing exhibits on SDN can easily be converted to a Call for Entries submission by logging into your account, going to the exhibit you want to convert, and clicking a button at the top of the page to convert to the Call for Entries. 

Entry Requirements

All entries must have between 6 and 30 photographs related to a specific theme. The submission may also have a multimedia component to supplement the still images. Submissions must have an abstract to provide context (180 words maximum) and captions to accompany the photographs. Additional text about the situation being documented may also be entered, as well as a bio of the photographer, information on organizations working with affected communities, and other relevant information. Photographs must have been taken after January 1, 2005 unless the work is part of a long term project that began prior to 2005 and continues to the present.

All work must be submitted via the Social Documentary Network website at For specific image specifications, see: Images must be a minimum of 1500 pixels in one dimension.

All entries are automatically and simultaneously submitted for exhibition on the Social Documentary Network website and must follow all rules and regulations regarding exhibits on SDN.

New exhibits on need to be approved before going live (click here for more information). In the event that an entry to the Call for Entries is not accepted for the SDN website, the photographer may make changes to their exhibit and re-submit, at no additional cost, up until the entry deadline. Greater than 90% of all exhibits submitted to SDN are approved.

Photographers can submit multiple contest entries.

All entries will be viewable to the public on the SDN site.


The Call for Entries is open to professional and amateur US and international photographers. SDN staff, volunteers, advisory committee members, judges, and their families are not eligible to enter. 

Entry Fees

$10 for one exhibit entry of 6 – 30 images and one multimedia piece. All fees must be paid using a credit or debit card on the SDN website. International credit cards are accepted. All entry submissions and fees are final and non-refundable.


Scholarships are available for photographers from countries without access to credit cards or where there the submission fee would be prohibitive. To apply, send an email to with an explanation of your need. Requests for scholarships must be received one week prior to submission deadline.

Important Dates

  • September 28: Deadline for entries 
  • October 27, 7-10 pm: Exhibit on view at Bronx Documentary Center/St. Mary’s during SDN’s Tenth Anniversary Party

Use Rights

All entrants and winners retain copyright of their work. By submission for jurying, photographers grant SDN a royalty-free license to use their images for the purpose of subsequent display on the SDN site, in SDN promotional materials, and in ZEKE magazine. Entries grant SDN the right to use their name for promotion in any medium including radio, newspapers, publications, television, videotape, and/or distribution over the internet. Samples of the winning work will be released to the press for promotional purposes. Photographers grant use of their images as stated without further contact or compensation from SDN other than the prizes listed above. Photographer’s credit will be provided with all use.


Entrant acknowledges that SDN may not be held liable for any loss, damages, or injury associated with this contest. Entrant agrees to indemnify SDN for all costs, damages and attorney fees resulting from any third party claims, including copyright infringement, arising from entrant’s participation. Entrant must have rights to publish images.

SDN reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any entrant that fails to comply with contest and website rules and guidelines.

Be a part of SDN’s 10th Anniversary Video

We are producing a five-minute video celebrating the diverse SDN membership. This video will be projected at SDN's 10th Anniversary Party and used on social media. Send us a 30-second video clip (I-phone is fine) telling us what SDN means to you and why you are a member. End your message with Happy 10th SDN! Videos due by September 15, 2018. Please send them to via or any other file sharing service.

About SDN

Social Documentary Network (SDN)is a global community of documentary photographers, editors, curators, NGOs, students, journalists and others who believe in the power of visual storytelling to build understanding and appreciation for the complexities, nuances, wonders, and contradictions that abound in the world today. Since our founding in 2008, the SDN website has featured more than 3,000 exhibits by nearly 2,000 photographers from all corners of the globe. Today, we have grown beyond the boundaries of a computer screen and produce gallery exhibitions, educational programs, calls for entries and our print magazine, ZEKE: The Magazine of Global Documentary. Recent exhibits on SDN have explored migration, the rising seas of Antarctica, Iran, asylum in America, teen mothers, and nomads of Kyrgyzstan. 


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