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Through a Woman's Lens Honorable Mention

Standing Rock

Amber Bracken | United States

Two nations - Veterans carry an American and a Mohawk Warrior Society flag through the storm. The Mohawk flag came to prominence during the 1990 Canadian Oka Crisis, when the military confronted indigenous people in a major armed conflict for the first time in modern history. Camp is dedicated to stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) "in a good way" but there is some fear history will repeat itself, again.

Standing Rock, North Dakota, September 2016-February 2017

For over ten months, members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and their allies camped in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline crossing their land and water. The estimated $3.78 bill project is nearly complete, crossing almost 1,172 miles. The resistance stalled development at the Missouri River but was overturned by a Trump executive order just days into his presidency.

Although on it's face, the issue is the pipeline, the conflict runs much deeper and is steeped in generations of violent history. The Nakota, Dakota, Lakota (Sioux) are the people of the Battle of Little Big Horn and of Wounded Knee, who were driven to starvation by the loss of the buffalo and were robbed of their sacred Black Hills. In military vehicles and body armour, police have been true to this legacy, indiscriminately using tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, percussion grenades and water canons.

This work seeks to reflect the broader ongoing history of colonization that led to this newest injustice.

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