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Father Land

Ara Oshagan | Armenia

Organization: powerHouse Books

Father Land by Vahé and Ara Oshagan is a poetic and personal journey through the rugged, human-and-history-laden landscape of Karabagh. It is also a unique collaboration between a photographer son and his famous, writer father. A family steeped in Armenian literature and art, Vahé and Ara Oshagan’s work is the result of an intensely felt connection to their heritage and homeland. Father Land is a literary and visual contemplation of Karabagh’s present-day, its history, and its culture, as well as a meditation on transnational identity, land, and paternal bonds.


Father Land: www.fatherlandbook.com

powerHouse Books: www.powerhousebooks.com

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Father-Land-Vahe-Oshagan/dp/1576875482


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