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Reflect Prepare

Caroline de Bertodano | London, United Kingdom

Organization: Turtle Key Arts


The participants of the Amici group, part of Turtle Key Arts, reflect & prepare for a show.

The intimacy of any form of reflection, whether internal or presentation of self is what joins us. We separate what we perceive as normal to those that don’t fit in with our rigid criteria, but similarities remain. Reflection is one aspect. How we prepare ourselves is another. People with special needs are very often alienated by society for being different but what can be viewed as imperfection is the beauty of nuance in humanity.

All special needs are encompassed at Turtle Key Arts, Spectrum Autism, Dementia & physical disabilities are just a few that come together to learn, grow confidence, socially interact & benefit enormously from creativity to engage with the most vulnerable & disadvantaged parts of society.www.turtlekeyarts.org.uk

Part of a larger longterm project Internal Spectrums




IG : c__de__b

FB : CdeBertodano.

TW : CdeBertodano

G+ : Caroline de Bertodano

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