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Central Louisiana Homeless Coalition

Frank Coco | Louisiana, United States

Client with arms folded

Homelessness is often thought of as a problem in large, urban communities. In central Louisiana, Alexandria (pop. 48,000), Pineville (pop. 15,000), and the surrounding communities (pop. 100,000) would rarely be considered to have a homeless population. Yet, it does exist. The Central Louisiana Homeless Coaltion. coordinates several agency programs that try to address the needs of the homeless in this area. A resource center in Alexandria provides showers, hygiene supplies, laundry facilities, phones, mailing addresses, and other services.

I offered to take pictures of some of the clients at this resource center and provide them with a 4x6 print, free of charge, My offer has been well-received, and my exhibit displays some of the results of this endeavor.

I am a retired science teacher and one-time professional photographer. I have a keen interest in documentary photography and am now trying to devote much of my time documenting the lives of less fortunate people.

Email: frankcoco@att.net

Phone: 318-305-8872

(I often misplace my phone; email best way to contact me.)

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