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Homeless In The Land Of Liberty

Jeff McCoy | United States

Hotel Hell. Home to many.

What was going to be a twenty-eight day television documentary has turned into a six year campaign for the homeless; the last segregated class in America. Over that amount of time the photos taken bare witness to the abuse, hunger, cold, arrests and even death.

It is a story that has been told many times, but it must be told again, and again and again; until we get it right. Men, women and children from all races, from all backgrounds, and from all educational levels share this nightmare.

People with jobs get dressed and cleaned up in the bathroom of a restaurant; they go to work and pretend they drove in from "home". Children go to school after sleeping in the car or a tent with their siblings and parents. Marriages and families often fall apart.

They are a forgotten core of our society. We look away pretending to not see their sufferings. The police drive them out of town, out of sight, out of memory. But, they can't forget; to them homelessness becomes hopelessness.

Jeff McCoy has spent almost his entire adult life standing behind one camera or another. Taking assignments in New York City and Los Angeles and reporting under covered stories across the United States has given him a range of experience.

Working for Oceangate Entertainment in Los Angeles, then moving back to stills work, has allowed him to apply multiple and unique approaches to his work.

Producing a major ad campaign or classical portrait has funded many of his social documentary works. While covering "mud and blood" stories he strives to bring the untold story to the forefront.

Jeff McCoy


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