Hundreds of people were waiting to undergo surgery.

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The Basement of the Third World

Juan Novo Carral | Guinea-bissau

The journalistic expedition to Bafatá Hospital, Guinea-Bissau, revealed stark healthcare disparities and prompted a profound realization of the privileges we often overlook. Living within the hospital's confines, I utilized my camera to document the raw essence of life, portraying the resilience of both medical staff and patients amid unique challenges in a healthcare setting distant from urban comforts.

Witnessing the dedication of medical professionals and the vulnerability of individuals seeking care underscored the harsh reality of limited resources in regions with healthcare disparities. This expedition transcended a mere photographic assignment, evolving into a deep reflection on global healthcare inequalities. It emphasized the contrast between our often taken-for-granted fortunate circumstances and the resilience displayed by those confronting adversity in a hospital far from bustling urban centers.

In those 8 days, the camera lens not only captured visual narratives but also etched into memory the imperative to acknowledge and address healthcare disparities globally. The expedition stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of those working and seeking care in challenging environments, serving as a poignant reminder of the privileges we cherish in our everyday lives.

Photographer: Juan Novo Carral

Juan Novo Carral, art director and professional photographer, was born and raised in Santander, Cantabria, Spain. From an early age, he showed a passionate interest in photography, a passion shaped by the influence of his father. The seed of his love for images was planted while spending valuable moments with his parent, exploring the fascinating world of photography.

Juan's creative spark ignited as he immersed himself in the process of developing and reviewing photographs alongside his father. This shared time not only provided him with technical skills but also cultivated his appreciation for visual aesthetics and photographic storytelling. Each image became a story capturing the essence of unique and meaningful moments.

As Juan Novo Carral grew older, his passion for photography evolved into a solid and successful career. He became an accomplished art director and photographer, blending his technical expertise with a distinctive artistic vision. His work not only reflects his technical prowess but also his ability to tell stories through the lens, conveying emotions and experiences in a unique way.

Today, Juan remains a passionate lover of photography and all things visual. His focus on art and creativity continues to drive his career, leading him to explore new techniques, styles, and perspectives. As an art director, his unique vision contributes to bringing visual projects to life, while as a photographer, he continues to capture the essence of reality through his particular creative lens.

The deep connection with photography that Juan Novo Carral developed from his childhood has not only become his profession but also a means through which he shares his unique perspective with the world. His story and journey reflect an undeniable dedication to visual art and the ability to transform simple moments into captivating masterpieces.

Canon R6


Fundación Elena Barraquer

Juan Novo Carral @juamovo


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