12 May 2022, ITALY (Turin) - Professor Laura Gasco of the Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (DISAFA) at the University of Turin (Italy) breeds Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) at the Facility Research Center. Many projects are run with Hermetia illucens at the DISAFA facility with the aim of evaluating the effects of insect meals in the diet of monogastric animals (poultry and trouts)
Prof. Gasco is removing the “eggie” to perform eggs hatching in another controlled environment. The “eggie” is the little box in the center of the net, is the media to collect eggs indeed, it provides sheltered cavities where females deposit eggs.

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Maurizio Di Pietro | Italy

The Sustainable Development Goal 2 of the United Nations is about creating a world free of hunger by 2030 and focuses on finding sustainable solutions to stop world hunger. Currently, natural resources that are necessary for human survival are decreasing due to climate change. Severe weather conditions, like droughts and floods, have become more common and affect harvests, leading to less food for human consumption.

Breeding and eating insects are sustainable practices that can help us reach our goal. Insects are rich in proteins and highly sustainable due to their minimal environmental impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and water & soil consumption. As a result, researchers are studying the most sustainable and cost-effective ways to promote the use of these insects as human food and as animal feed.

My home country of Italy is experiencing a frightening reality: 22% now face food insecurity, and this number is only set to increase as climate change intensifies. Through my photographs, however, I don’t just want to document the problem, but also offer a way forward.

By photographing experiments of potential new food sources, I hope to break open the closed corridors of academia and raise awareness of this solution around the world. Only by showing a way forward can we inspire people to abandon a doom-drenched view of the world and fight for a better one.

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