Riot Clown (2007)
Rostock, Germany: This clown in front of riot police was one of 80,000 demonstrators at the opening march in Rostock, Germany protesting the 2007 summit of the heads of the eight richest nations (G8) in the old resort town of Heiligendamm, Germany (near Rostock).
The summit was held behind a 12 km-long fence topped with razor and barbed wire. The only access into the meetings was by helicopter or boat as over ten thousand protesters blockaded all main roads and train tracks into Heiligendamm. The fence alone cost over 12.4 million Euros and millions more were spent on security.

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Portraits of Struggle

Orin Langelle | Chile

Organization: Langelle Photography

The following photographs, taken between 1972 and 2019 on five continents, reflect the continuing struggles for justice from the local to the international,and demonstrate theconnections and intersections between social, ecological, and economic issues. This collection of images documents the stories of those involved in or impacted by these seemingly disparate matters and is designed to help expose how these diverse issues are intrinsically linked. This is crucial to understanding the whole–to seeing the big picture. The photos here challenge the viewer to ask the question why? Asking why then becomes a challenge to the narrative of injustice. And more than anything, these photos show the power of the individual to resist the unjust and to create a new narrative of social, economic, and ecological justice.

I created Portraits of Struggle to show the different people and situations I have photographed to document various types of conflict taking place. My intention was and is to convey the struggles of people who were trying to make change by challenging what was not acceptable – be it actions by governments, multi-national corporations, financial institutions and/or the actions of various privileged elites.

The journey I took in shooting these photographs started in the U.S. and span five decades and five different continents, in countries from Canada to Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, England, Germany, Indonesia, and South Africa.

These were not easy photos to take. I took risks, travelled behind military and rebel lines, went deep in the jungle or in the middle of violent street protests and in retrospect I often have wondered what on earth I was thinking. But I have always wanted to see below the surface— to see how the world really works. I am looking for some sort of truth that lies beyond the dominate narrative that I was expected to believe. With my camera in hand, I stepped out of the neat box society offered, and into hidden worlds. In my journey I looked for others who have also stepped out of that box. I found there are many.

Some of the photos portrayed here have been in books, magazines, newspapers and published online for the corporate and alternative media. I have been fortunate enough to work mainly in the non-profit sector, where I had more leeway to pursue the truth without advertising-driven editorial decisions censoring or changing my subject matter. I found that working for non-profits gave me more opportunities to photograph. It also allowed me to garner trust of individuals and build a reputation that gave me access others did not.

Although these photographs were taken between 1972 and 2019, I consider this a work in progress. I plan to do more.

Global Justice Ecology Project

Orin Langelle

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