‘I took this photos on 25th August 2017, the day we lost our Motherland and fled to Bangladesh to save our lives. I saw many dead bodies by the side of the road and rivers. My body and mind were exhausted but I documented the journey with my phone as evidence of our exodus. We lost everything, but we didn’t lose our hopes and dreams.’ © Ishrat Bibi

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Through Rohingya Eyes: A Journey of Resilience

Rohingyatographer Collective | Bangladesh

Organization: Rohingyatographer

This exhibition presents a compelling retrospective of Rohingyatographer’s work, encompassing the profound journey of the Rohingya people from 2017 to 2023. This collection of photographs captures the raw essence of refugee life, blending stark realities with fleeting moments of hope and resilience. It portrays the struggles against natural and human-made adversities, the poignant resilience amidst the genocide's aftermath, and the vibrancy of Rohingya traditions and culture. Through children's eyes, it explores imagination and innocence in harsh conditions. Each image, a blend of shadow and light, narrates a story of survival, communal bonds, and the relentless pursuit of a future filled with dignity and peace. This collection is not just a chronicle of displacement but a testament to the unyielding human spirit facing profound challenges.

In this exhibition: Ishrat Bibi, Yassin Abdumonab, Sahat Zia Hero, Atharam Shin, Ro Mon Sur Ali, Hujjat Ullah, Ro Rezaul Islam, Abul Kalam, Md Jamal, Md Iddris  Minara, Umme Salma, Sabekur Nahar, Ro BM Hairu, Mayyu Khan and Enayet Khan

As Rohingya photographers, we bear witness to our people's journey. These images are fragments of our lives, capturing moments of despair, hope, and the undying strength that defines us. Through our lenses, we tell the world our story, inviting you to see our world – a world of contrasts, where hardship and resilience coexist. This is our narrative, a testament to our struggle and our unbreakable spirit


Sahat Zia Hero, Founder and Collective's Lead

Davaid Palazón, Producer/Curator



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