People praying in a drug addiction rehabilitation center. They are very special because their families help them to use this center. Most drug addicts in Pakistan cannot use this center because they and their family don't have enough money.

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Behind the War on Terror

Yusuke Harada | Pakistan

The phrase WAR ON TERROR is one of the most important slogans in recent times. We have applied so many different polices under that slogan. But has anything really changed in this country?

In the so called War on Terror, Pakistan must surly top the list. For instance, this country is receiving so much financial assistance from all over the world. However, behind this same assistance, the domestic economy, internal security, unemployment and domestic politics has already started to destroy itself. I am trying to express another side of war on terror, behind the war on terror, through the daily life of Pakistani.

Almost everyone in Pakistan knows that he has to fight against terrorism and unforgiving. But this attitude is equally indecisive. Although the world applauds and believes in the war on terror, to the average Pakistani this is but a hollow sentiment.

Born in 1979, Yusuke Harada is a Japanese freelance photojournalist based in Tokyo. In 2003, Yusuke covered the Gaza strip, Palestine and started his career as freelance photographer. After 2003, he has covered Iraq, Sudan, Angola, south of Thailand, and Pakistan. He received outstanding awards, including International Photography Awards (Honorable Mention of Feature Story -2009). And also a writer, contributing to Japanese media, including DAYS JAPAN.

Yusuke started one of his projects titled Chain of Crisis covering the conflict in the deep south of Thailand from 2006. And from 2008, He also started another project titled Behind the War on Terror in Pakistan.

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