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The costs of war.

Yusuke Suzuki | Iraq & Syria

A destroyed street is seen in Salaheddine district, where the fighting between the Syrian army and the Free Syrian Army erupted first in Aleppo, Syria. Almost all of infrastructures in the town of Aleppo have been destroyed. The historic town known as the world heritage sight which has one of the richest history in the world has been torn. Syria, 2013.

It was in 2006 that I visited Afghanistan for the first time.
I was shocked by the sight of the country that was torn by the war, and I decided to switch my career as a musician to become a photographer in order to document what I saw.

Since then, I have been shooting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and their neighboring countries. A painful war scene, people who had to abandon the country in the war, and those who are fleeing from war but are suffering from war memories and wounds. The appearance was the same regardless of the country, ethnicities, or people's stance on the situation.

War is nothing but destruction and slaughter, and it is emptiness.Sorrow, hate and anger are taken over by the next generation, and the war continues. Although war may be an essential part of humanity since ancient times, I would like to document over my life the effects of war on humans and our society and the mechanisms of modern society where war does not end.


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