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The Change

Morteza Kenani | Turkey


Turkey, as a hallway between East and West, has been a place for many conflicts. Any change in this region will have a significant impact in the world. In the early twentieth century, a secular and Islamic country was formed when Ataturk became the leader of Turkey.

Hidden religious actions and different political groups with religious theories like the AK party that started a change to implement religion in society. Religious slogans and placards are everywhere. Head cover is vastly increased between girls and women because covered women have more chance of getting a governmental job. International policies are tied with religious beliefs. Close relations with Saudi Arabia and other radical countries that use religion as a tool for their tyranny, separated Turkey from the western world. This is happening while Turkey wants to be a member of European Union.

I have tried to depict secularism and its conflict with Islamic views in Turkey. With all the political issues and terrorist attacks arising, and involvement of Turkey in regional wars, women and children will be harmed seriously.

I am Morteza Kanani. I was born in 1974 in Tabriz, Iran. I began taking photos in 1999 and I have been a freelance photographer so far. My preferred photography style is documentary and social life. Beside this, I like to experience new things. I have participated in many photo festivals and exhibition in Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan.

Tell: +98 9144047375

E-mail: Aydin@kanani1.com

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