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Electronic, Plastic waste and Child Labor in Ghana

Christian Thompson | Ghana


Agbogbloshi is a name of a commercial district situated along the Korle Lagoon where the Odo River meets the sea. Agbogbloshi is also in the Center of Accra, Ghana.

Agbogbloshi is a slum which is housing many indigent and is known as a destination for locally generated automobile and electronic scrap collected across the city of Accra. It is said to be the center of a legal and illegal exportation network for environmental dumping of electronic waste.

I paid a visit to agbogbloshi to get to know of the activities at the area and to my surprise i met lots of young and energetic men ripping off plastic cover that has been wrapped on electronic cables they collect from disposed E waste that they find.


In the process of ripping off the plastic, these young men set it on fire and in the process cause damage to the environment  i was amazed to see how close they were to the fire and was wondering the effect to they health.



My name is Christian Thompson and i leave in Ghana, i am a photographer and currently i am a stringer for EPA  i stated as wedding photographer, sports photographer and now photojournalist.  I leaned alot as i was climbing the photography ladder to get to my current stage, with the help of some wonderful international photojournalist who took time to teach me about photography and how far i can go with photography.

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