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Tragedy Love Fate

Cynthia Martone | United States

My heart was throbbing. I was light headed, disoriented and my legs wouldn’t hold me. What was happening to me? The hospital staff thought I was an unruly drunk. They called security and strapped me in to the gurney; they wouldn’t listen to what I was saying. It was a one in a million aneurysm at the base of my neck. The hospital didn’t know what they were dealing with and did everything wrong. Their treatment turned me into a cripple. I was like a newborn needing someone to care for every need. I should have walked out of the hospital; instead, I was told I would never walk again. For their negligence, I suffer an unjust retribution…

He was tall and handsome with a gregarious personality. Suddenly struck by a one in a million aneurysm; he would never walk again. His days are an agonizing ritual he curses with each sunrise. He must endure the sweat and excruciating pain of dragging and lifting his body and his chair. His arms are his only freedom. He is compelled to not indulge in the luxury of help from others for their help will only bring upon a siege of feebleness. And then one day fate presented him with a gift; he turned his chair and there she was. They had met and loved twenty-five years earlier but their paths took very different directions. She ran and jumped into his lap, she never saw the chair. From that day forward she has been by his side. She embodies the essence of unconditional love.

One cannot forbear to walk away from International Award Winning Photographer Cynthia Martone’s artistic and thought provoking images. Her work is recognized for its richly evocative and intimate reflection on the often overlooked people and places of our world; things most people would rarely give a second look. She is the essence of a classical wanderlust; her zest for life thrusts her to the core of the human spirit. Cynthia seeks out all the world has to offer: the Beautiful, the Immoral and the Grievous, through her photography; she brings the World to You. She never produces a misleading impression of reality; her images are unadulterated. She believes photography is an extraordinary technology which unshackles the human awareness of our existence and makes it visible and public. Your journey to this visual voice begins through the lens of Cynthia Martone.

I am more afraid of not living than I am of dying...  Cynthia Martone

Cynthia Martone

Phone:  814.414.0279

E-Mail:  ctmartone@yahoo.com

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