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Politics of Fear: The Tea Party in America

Eric Smith | Michigan, United States

Tea Party Express rally in Clinton Township, Michigan, USA

The "Tea Party" in America is not an official political party but a loose knit group of local and regional organization sharing similar socio-political beliefs.

This Libertarian movement emerged in 2009 through a series of locally and nationally coordinated protests.
Their views range from the radical right to the center right on the political spectrum. In general they believe the United States government is out of control. Their political and economic agenda rest in small government, less government regulation, laissez-faire capitalism and lowering taxes.

The name "Tea Party" is a reference to the Boston Tea Party of 1773. A protest by American colonists against various policies of the British Government. Part of their protest was to dump newly imported tea into the Boston harbor.

The Tea Party supporters are 89% white and overwhelmingly Christian. 92% feel that President Obama is moving the US towards "socialism"
"Don't Tread on Me", the Tea Party's unofficial motto, is taken from the American revolutionary period of the 1700's.



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