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Celebration of the Victory Day in Brest Fortress

Grzegorz Sosinski | Belarus

Photo 1 / Graffiti to celebrate the Victory Day.

Victory Day commemorates the end of WWII.  Day of the glory of people who were killed during the war of 1939-1945. Nowadays,  Europe celebrates Victory Day on May 8 (with the date of the beginning of war in 1939). Russia and post-Soviet countries, such as Belarus and Central Asian countries, celebrate the Victory Day on 9 May (with the date of the beginning of war in 1941). In the days of the Soviet Union, May 9 was obligatory in all countries of the Communist Bloc. Now, the Victory Day in Belarus is still important, celebrated national holiday and continues to look like in the style of Soviet propaganda. Visitors from Russia and former Soviet republics come to Brest. Visitors believe that the celebrations in Brest Fortress are more magnificent than those organized in Russia. Parades organized by the official group. But there are also those who have voluntarily come. These are the people who are out of the propaganda, the manipulation of fact and have their own memory of history - family stories passed on to the next generation.

The image of man as seen through the record of understanding, meaning of memory, experience, between man and the "place" to which he is assigned; Often against his will. Connecting a man with a place against the background of historical events that change the image of today's understanding of the world. There are two worlds this central and one on the periphery used by the center.



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