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Kathleen Dreier | United States

Zoe was assigned male at birth. I first met Zoe in July 2015 when she still identified herself by her given name Dashiell (a.k.a. Dash). I was in downtown Tucson photographing the celebration that happened following the passing of the Marriage Equality Act. Drawn to this young androgynous person with a message drawn on her face, I asked the mother, Kirsten, if I could take her child’s picture. This is the first image I ever took of Zoe. I would later learn that Zoe had come out to her parents as to her identity just a few months before this image was taken.

Zoe is a 16-year old transgender female who is allowing me to document her transition. I anticipate this to be an ongoing project for many years to come.

I first met Zoe in July 2015 in downtown Tucson when she was with her mother at a spontaneous celebration of the landmark Marriage Equality Act. Our project together began in the fall of 2016. The first images cover her process through February 2017. I will continually add images to this gallery throughout the year.







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