Photographer: Richard Street

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Organization: Streetshots

Exhibit Title: Knife Fight City

Location: California, United States

Caption: At mid-day in April, July, August, or October, Huron looks dead. Not a soul in sight. But at 4:30 am, the town awakens. Shadows walk down streets toward Lassen Avenue, where dozens of labor busses arrive, park at the Jet Stop gas station and the Union Bank lots, and elsewhere about town. Hundreds of field hands mill about, spit, stomp, and try to hook up with a harvest crew. Packing into the Pan de Dios (Bread of God) bakery and the Mexico cafe, they purchase coffee and burritos, then scurry across Lassen Avenue and take a seat on one of the labor busses as dozens of farm equipment trucks, equipment haulers, harvesters, and chemical trucks pass through town. Around 5:30, when the busses start hauling crews to the fields, Lassen Avenue becomes clogged with people and vehicles. By 6 am, the town once again seems deserted. Photograph: Multiple strobe-lit exposure, April 12, 2014.

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