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Ireland in the Time of Recession

Tomasz Szustek | Ireland

Anti-government demonstration


The recession in Ireland began in the autumn of 2007 and has dominated Irish media reports and general conversations in the intervening years. The Irish people have struggled with the repercussions of the financial crisis, which has altered the economic, political and social landscape of the country. The result of this has been a reshaping of their lives in a way they didn’t expect.

 Number of demonstrations rolled across Dublin streets in recent months. A few of them turned to be quite violent. The protesters and members of Gardai (Irish police) were injured during scuffles.
The property sector went into a severe slump in both sales and value, with some houses losing 50 percent of their initial sale price. The country was dotted with unfinished housing estates as developers went bankrupt, subcontractors went unpaid and even after massive price reductions there were no potential buyers on the horizon.

Project was published in form of a book "Visual Notes from the Recession Time. Ireland 2008-2013" Uspecto Images, Dublin, 2014


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