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Dale Farm: The Irish Traveller Eviction

quintina valero | United Kingdom

Riots police broke into Dale Farm at 7am on 19th October 2011 cutting off electritcity while terminally ill people and families where still in bed. Supporters and activists confronted police leaving 34 protesters arrrested.

Dale Farm located in Essex, England is the latest and largest Irish Travellers eviction in Britain. Irish travellers had lived at Dale Farm since the 1980s. An old scrap yard was bought and cleared by travellers. They settled and moved their caravans, building semi-permanent chalets. Children attended the local school and their integration with the locals was in good terms. The conflict started when Basildon council refused their planning applications.

After ten years battle with the council, on May 2011 the High Court ruled in favour of the council for a £18 millions eviction of the site. Activists and international human rights organisations started a campaign supporting the travellers. In early hours of 19th October 2011 the site clearance began. Around 200 riot police officers broke into Dale Farm with violent clashes between them and protesters and leaving around 400 people homeless.

Families travel in their caravans around England searching for new pitches. The lack of sites and permanent places have a huge impact on their living conditions especially on traveller children’s education and elderly people.

After graduating and worked in finance for several years in Spain I moved to London in 2001. My interest for social issues and passion for photography took me to study a degree in Photojournalism in 2004.

In 2007 I visited the Western Sahara refugee camps of Tindouf (Algeria) where I documented daily life of women and children. The year after my visit to Western Sahara I started documenting gypsy and traveller communities. My early work focused on traditions, festivities and rituals, which took me to France, England and Spain. This work developed into a deeper understanding of their culture but also awareness of their social exclusion as minority groups.

In 2008-2010 I received training as an Art Facilitator. Since then I have created and delivered artistic and educational workshops in schools and community centres.

I am currently based in London where I combine my work as a photographer for newspapers with the design and collaboration in multimedia projects.

Web: quintinavalero.photoshelter.com

Email: quintina.v@gmail.com

Phone: 0044 7747661225

Country: United Kingdom

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