Occupy Chicago. 2011. taking it to the streets. Michigan Ave march brought thousands from the diversity of Chicago peoples in protest, proclaiming 'people before profits', 'where is my bailout', Wall Street needs adult supervision' and addressing social, economic and human rights issues . ©2011 Nancy Bechtol

Nancy Bechtol

nbechtol@ameritech.net 773-252-1512 United States


Nancy Bechtol is a photographer, independent producer/director, artist and educator.

APA freelance photojournalist. Filmed on location, Chicago, independent feature documentary film, "Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist"

The true story of artist, activist and Exec. Director of the Uptown Multicultural Arts Center in Chicago. Chris sold art for $1 to challenge the Peddler's License and ended up fighting the Illinois Eavesdropping Law which carried 4-15 years in prison, since he audio-recorded his own arrest.I documented his journey for over 3 years. March 2, 2012, Judge Sachs rules in favor of Chris Drew, supported by 2 pro bono attorneys, Kutnick and Weinberg.The Illinois Eavesdropping Law is declared Unconstitutional. The Law remains on the books with a "permanent injunction" which was fought by the ACLU, which means no one can be charged with this law. That year,At the NATO, Chicago, marchers for the first time legally audio-recorded police in public. Cell phones abounded with all forms of recording by many. Chris Drew is the Patron Saint of Street Artists and the Defender of Free Speech. RIP (1950-2012)