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Every Day Life at a Brick Kiln

Harsh Nigam | Uttar Pradesh, India


At least 10 million labourers in India are employed in the organised brick kiln industry, working under unhygienic conditions.  Usually, an entire family is involved in brick production and they get Rupees 400-500 for 1,000 bricks. Besides posture-related problems, the labourers have difficulty breathing as they are more exposed to dust. The family came all the way from Chhattisgarh to fill in the gap for this season and earn their living. They added, while the production month there are almost 200-300 workers. Also they are provided with a place to live and medical help as well. However they have to cook their own food. Mostly the production is stopped between June till august as these are the months of high temperature which makes the condition more violent to work. They seem to be happy as they enjoy working there and in their free time they enjoy the basic pursuits of life, like playing cricket and hovering in their phones. The six-month season started and tens of thousands of families travelling from different states to work in the brick kilns.



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