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Love Notes

Alessandro Rampazzo | Finland

For the past four years and since the birth of her twins, Nita reports to have been victim of violence from her boyfriend and father of the kids

Do you think I am to blame for this???
Nita asked me this question many times during the last months. I met her for some fashion pictures, in 2018 but soon after we’ve become close enough that she started to tell me about her life.
Then, one night in November I received this message“I had a terrible day yesterday. Tero beat me up and my dog and I had to call the police. This was last straw :-(“
We met some days later and I asked her if she wanted to talk about what happened, proposing her to do a reportage about her story.
She told me that the violence has been going on since the moment she gave birth. “We’ve always
had a lot of fun and he’s never been violent with me before. He started beating me up and becoming violent after few weeks I came home from the hospital when during an argument he punched me in the stomach.”

I decided to work on this topic because in Finland domestic violence is a big issue. The latest available data paints the conuntry's situation as the second European country for number of domestic violence cases.
With this project I didn't want to focus on the violence itself or on the violent person but rather give space to the victim, Nita, and her twins. I wanted to focus on the consequences of violence and how a person manages to rebuild a life and live with that memory.

Alessandro Rampazzo



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