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La habana a traves de mis ojos

Binita Mandalia | Cuba

Cubans and the structure of their society are very open. As I waited for the bus, I saw a barber and his client through the bars of his shop. The shop was one room with a chair and materials stacked behind the barber, open for all to see from the street. He saw me glancing over curiously and invited me to come inside. There was a sense of pride and confidence in his expression.

"La habana a traves de mis ojos", "Havana through my eyes", documents the magic in ordinary moments throughout the capital and surrounding areas in Cuba. The images capture scenes that embody the personalities and movements of the young to old during work and play. Each image evokes its own emotion: light, comical, anxious, serious, calm, and more. Cuba has a way of pulling you in with its boldness and charm.

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