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Moody Street at the Moment - no longer moody

David Greenfield | MA, United States

Welcome back - it's about time

Moody Street, Waltham is once again abuzz. Not long ago its eateries and shops, many owned and operated by immigrants, displayed hastily created hand written signs explaining Covid-19 closures with apologies for ‘not being there’ for customers. The virus was in control holding business viability and livelihoods hostage.

During summer, the pandemic’s spread receded permitting easing of the scourge's restrictions. The pendulum started swinging back - Moody Street was opening. Pedestrians, diners, and shoppers returned to enjoy the street’s offerings. The normalcy a stay-at-home public yearned for seemed to be at hand.

For this essay, I walked the street to record its opening. I focused on signs, once again primarily those hand made, and the people. A picture emerged as one begging the question, ‘what pandemic, where?’ Was the deadly virus just a bad dream?

With new cases surpassing numbers at the pandemic’s onset, and a projected death toll by Inauguration Day exceeding all US service member deaths during WWII, is the new buzz on the street a good thing?

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