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Welsh Miners in the late 1970s - The End of an Era

David Wright | Wales

These were ordinary men just like the rest of us. They led uncomplicated lives. They liked to banter with each other. Family and home life was important. Yes, they had hopes and dreams but they were realistic men. The 'salt of the earth'.

A silver print was made from a negative shot on Kodak Tri-X using a Pentax KX.

Welsh Miners in the late 1970s - The End of an Era

I went to Wales in 1977 to document the miners. Little did I know that what I was seeing would quickly fade away and become a thing of the past with a matter of years. With the coming of Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Government, a change was about to happen to the whole way of life of these people. It is hard to imagine how much devastation was done to the lives of the mining communities.

I am English and I have been a documentary photographer for over 40 years. I first became interested in photography while I was doing a Foundation Course at Art College. Initially, I wanted to go on and study painting but found that photography was a quicker way of realising my ideas and also a more effective medium in achieving them. So, I went on to study Photography at the prestigious London College of Printing. I am currently working on two projects - Modern Tribes of England and Survivors.

Website - davidwright.photography/portfolios

Instagram - @davidgilbertwright

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