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University of Wisconsin Teaching Assistants Strike 1970

Ed Lefkowicz | United States

Madison, WI - March 1970. A student speaks near the statue of Abraham Lincoln in front of Bascom Hall, the statue with a black and red anarcho-syndicalism flag. On March 15, 1970, the University of Wisconsin - Madison Teaching Assistants' Association voted to strike, and the campus was filled with picket lines as well as demonstrations of related and other issues. The strike lasted until early April, when the Association and University came to an agreement.

In mid-March 1970, the Teaching Assistants Association at the University of Wisconsin went on strike for higher pay. The strike was generally peaceful, although as the month wore on groups including the New Year's Gang and the Mother Jones Revolutionary League threatened violence. The strike was settled in April—the teachers got more pay, ad the union won the right to represent them.

Ed Lefkowicz



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