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Gypsy Community of Bangladesh

Farzana Akhtar | Bangladesh


My work highlights the bedey or gypsy community of Bangladesh.Most of them work as hawker and Singa (gets rid off people's teeth worms and relieves muscle pain).This community which is duly neglected and ignored most of the time to help them break the vicious poverty circle to earn a better lifestyle for them. The beauty of this community is both the male and female gypsy financially and practically managing the family supporting and helping each other. The whole gypsy community have broad minded thoughts about the household chores and supporting the women of their house in whatever they do.They have a great impact on their values and mindset. Boys must be taught the same survival necessities and skills as it is taught to a girl. Our society must have combined efforts from all the family members to base off a kid's mentality with equality, respect and support and thus the men and women of the society will be able to generalize the involvement of women and men both in family and house management while maintaining their individual professional life.

Farzana Akhtar

Email: farzanaakhtar50@gmail.com

Country of Origin: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Web: farzanaakhtar.wordpress.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/farzana6478/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/angel.friend.397

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