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An Indian Journey

Felipe Araujo | India

Rush-hour in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Since taking up photography four years ago, I've had this desire of one day jumping on a plane to India with nothing but a travel bag slung on my shoulder and a camera around my neck. All I wanted to do was to roam around the country's cities, taking photos. On March 1st this year, that's exactly what I did. Little did I know the world as I knew it was about to undergo an abrupt change. The photos here do not reflect it, but behind the camera was someone with a sense of urgency. As the world started to close in on itself, it became obvious I would have to anticipate my departure, certain I wouldn't be able to return to India for a long time. Now comfortably sitting at home, I look at these images and I remember where I was, what I felt when I took each one of them. It makes me smile inside.

Cell: 00447803440690

Email: felipearaujo17@hotmail.com

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