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El Muro de la Vergüenza

Giacomo d'Orlando | Peru

The view of the Asientamentos Humano "Nadin Heredia" at the top of the hill in Pamplona Alta.

Nowadays, the whole world speaks about social segregation, physical barriers to place between the boundaries and division between human beings. In Lima, due to a lack of physical space and the constant growth of demand for new housing, it happened that two social classes with completely opposed lifestyles have seen increasingly thinning the distance that separated them. Today the aspect of this area of Lima is surreal and reflects the division of modern society. On one hand the wealthy social class, with luxurious houses and state-of-the-art infrastructure and on the other side, the most humble social class deprives even basic services to lead a dignified life. The fact that this division is not a geographic boundary, but rather a wall of reinforced concrete and barbed wire built by the will of man, is the symbol of how today's society is divided. All people have the same rights, however different can be their lifestyle or their social extraction. Erecting barriers will never help to create a cohesive society where everyone has the same opportunities, but would only help to widen increasingly the gap between human beings.

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