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Os Marisqueiros de Novos Alagados

Juliana Viana | Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Organization: Juliana Viana Photography


In Brazil, the cycle of poverty that still exists is extreme, the social inequality is a harsh reality for many families.

In the Northeast region of Brazil, the government’s lack of crucially needed investment has resulted in many families living in distressing circumstances.

My story takes place in the city of Salvador, in one of the poorest areas, called Novos Alagados. It is a story of families collecting shellfish and fishing in dire conditions. Regretfully, many mothers and children get sick from viruses and bacteria due to the polluted waters.

Pushed to sacrifice their health in order to survive, they are dependent of shellfish fishing to generate a meager income. Some families are collecting up to a kilo, only to be sold at the central market for no more than R$15 Brazilian reais equivalent (U$3,50).

This is my work following their daily routine, acknowledging their hard work while searching for hope in Novos Alagados.

I do believe that photography is a tool for positive social change that brings people together, educating through visual stories to take them beyond what we think, know and understand.

As a way to broaden these perspectives,I made exhibits the work of families who working daily picking shellfish in the favela Novos Alagados, Salvador,Northeast region of Brazil .

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