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Berlin Subway Musicians

Juliana Viana | Berlin, Germany


Six months ago, I moved to Berlin and in my everyday life, always using the subway for all my trips, and I started to photograph subway stories.

Among many stories, the "street artists" with their fantastic performances caught my attention, and I since then, I have had the opportunity to accompany talented artists on the Berlin subway.

Coming mostly from foreign countries, these artists carry in their luggage only their instruments and the dream of expressing their music without high expectations of receiving something in return, only the love of art.

In the subway stations, each artist pays a fee of '10 Euros' per day for a license to perform, in some subway stations there is a reserved area with" an identification sign only for the artists. Some passengers put some coins in the hat to contribute to the licensing fee. On a "lucky" day, there are extra coins for a subway ticket and lunch.

With different music styles and a lot of talent, the musicians play in different stations spreading the love of music.



Hi, my name is Juliana Viana I'm a photographer, editor, from Brazil currently based in Berlin- Germany.

Berlin Subway Musicians'' is part of my long term ongoing project." Subway Stories".

This project is an opportunity to highlight the importance of street musicians, who everyday entertain the passengers on the subway, bringing with them great music and joy.

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