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Homeless in London

June Niles | United Kingdom

Reflection Of The Times


Going to bed many nights on a wet piece of cardboard, wondering if you will survive the night.

Asking “why is this happening to me?”

You will never know the fear and depression that living on the street gives you.

The constant feeling, of being alone.

As part of this project I went around London to start taking some content. This was taken over a time span of a few weeks.

I was struck with the level of homelessness and the way that everyday people seemed oblivious to, not only the suffering, but the loneliness that must accompany this harsh life that some are forced to live.

Many men in a certain age group, who cannot claim benefits and aren't entitled to social housing. Now we're seeing people from many other countries on the streets of London, but there is still a large amount of English born people on the streets.

Listening to stories I gathered that after some unfortunate circumstances, manyfell through the social services net and with no other options but to live on the streets.



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