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Gajan: A Hindu Folk Festival

Kausik Paul | West Bengal, India

Face painting

“Gajan” a Hindu folk festival is celebrated in different villages in West Bengal, India during the end of the month of “Chaitra” of the Bengali calendar followed by another festival named “Charak”. Gajan festival is mainly about worshipping Hindu Lord Shiva and Parvati before the start of the harvesting season. Gajan is actually connected to the people who are related to the agricultural community, directly or indirectly. They pray for the rains and better harvest and believe that this festival will give them prosperity by removing any sorrow and suffering that they faced in the past year. Kurmun a small village in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal, India magnificently celebrates this festival every year. During this festival Shiva devotees named Gajan sanyasis do several activities, Gajan sanyasis paint their faces and then dance around the whole village and request some “Bhiksha” (offering) as a part of the celebration then dance with the human skull. I captured different moments of Gajan festival this year during my visit to Kurmun village near to my hometown Bardhaman.

A person having background in biomedical research and university-level professor loves to explore photography as a hobby. As a visual storyteller, I am trying to explore and present my tiny aesthetic capabilities through the lens that I inherited from my childhood art school training.

​Other than photography I love to travel and explore new places, cultures, traditions, foods etc. and this gives me enough opportunity to capture the stories of life.

Using a camera lens I try to tell some stories, and mostly involved in street, documentary, travel, and nature photography. Capturing the moments of "People & culture" throughout the world is a never-ending process, and mostly my works are based on this theme.

Email: kausikpaul@gmail.com

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