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Living on Venice Beach: Homelessness, Desperation and Community

Lexie Harrison-Cripps | California, United States

Organization: Capital & Main

People living on Venice Beach often go by a single name. Take Crown (right), 45. He says he has spent 15 years — one third of his life — without a home, and for five of those years, Crown has lived on the beach, where he fixes bicycles and creates artwork, like the painting shown here.

The prospect of leaving the beach makes him fear losing his community. “I’d like to live in a house,” Crown says, “but I don’t want to be by myself.”
The bigger problem, though, is that “the rent is too high.”

A look into the lives of the homeless population living on the streets of Venice in California.  The essay looks as the situation from the point of view of the homeless, the police, the medical outreach workers and local businesses affected by the issue.

This story was shot for Capital & Main.

Text credits : Lexie Harrison Cripps & Eric Pape

Photo editing help from Marco Amador


I went into this project thinknig that I wanted to examine what it is like to be homeless in Venice, however, after some time in the community I realised that there is a complex web of people who are involved in the issue.


Capital & Main


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